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Multivitamins and minerals are indicated to provide essential vitamin supplementation. And to prevent the development of an expected deficiency. Also as a treatment to reduce the risk for diseases like cardiovascular disease.


Vitamins and minerals are essential for normal metabolic functions including hematopolesis. The B-Complex vitamins are necessary for the conversion of carbohydrate, protein and fat into tissue and energy. Vitamin E is an antioxidant which preserves essential cellular constituents.

Folic acid is important in regeneration of blood forming elements.

Water soluble vitamins (B-complex) are not significantly store in the body and must be replaced continually to maintain essential tissue levels; excess quantities are excreted in urine. These vitamins are rapidly depleted in conditions interfering with their intake or absorption. Therefore, vitamin preparation should supply therapeutic levels of B-complex vitamins.

Fat soluble vitamins can accumulate in the body and do not need replacement as frequently. Therefore, vitamin preparations should supply conservative levels of vitamins A and E.

Zinc facilitates wound healing, helps maintains normal growth rates, normal skin hydration and senses of taste and smell.

Selenium activates an antioxidant enzyme called gluthathione peroxidase which help protect the body from cancer. It is also essential for healthy immune functioning.


As vitamin supplement for patients with vitamins and minerals deficiencies. And for patients with cardiovascular diseases with risk of folic acid deficiency.


As with any other medication or dietary supplement, vitamin B1 supplements should always be kept well out of reach of children.


Adverse reactions have been reported with specific vitamins and folic acid but generally at levels substantially higher than those in vitamins. However, allergic and idiosyncratic reactions are possible at lower levels.


1 Tablet daily or as prescribed by the physician.


Store at temperatures no exceeding 30 degree Celsius.


Blister Pack x 10′s (box of 100′s)

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