Neotrox 5mg

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Carbimazole tablets are indicated in the management of hyperthyroidism, thyrotoxicosis (including thyroid storm), and also for the preparation of patients for thyroidectomy. Carbimazole tablets can also be used in combination with radio-active ablative therapy.


Each tablet contains:
Carbimazole …. 5 mg


Carbimazole is an anti-thyroid substance which depresses the formation of thyroid hormone. It reduces the uptake and concentration of inorganic iodine by the thyroid but its main effect is to reduce the formation of di-iodotyrosine and thyroxine. Carbimazole is absorbed is absorbed rapidly from the gastro-intestinal tract and is widely distributed throughout the body. Carbimazole is completely metabolized to methimazole and it is metabolite that is responsible for its clinical activity. Carbimazole readily crosses the placental barrier and also attains a high concentration in the milk of lactating patients.

Excretion in the urine is rapid. The elimination half-life of methimazole may be increased in hepatic and renal impairment.


10 mg to 60 mg daily according to the the severity of the disorder.The dose should be gradually reduced to the smallest amount which will control the disease. Daily dosage should be divided or as prescribed by the physician.


Hypersensitivity to carbimazole or other thiourea antithyroid agents.

Carbimazole should be given with the utmost caution, or not at all, if there is any degree of tracheal obstruction, as high dosages may produce thyroid enlargement.


The most common adverse effects are nausea, vomiting, gastric discomfort, headache, arthralgia, skin rashes and pruritus. Abnormal hair loss has also been reported. Bone marrow depression an occur and mild leucopenia is common. Aplastic anaemia & agranulocytosis also has been reported rarely. There have been several reports of liver damage ion patients taking thiourea anti-thyroid drugs. Other adverse effects sometimes observed with the thiourea anti-thyroid drugs. Other adverse effects sometimes observed with the thiourea anti-thyroid compounds including fever, lupus-like syndrome, vaculitis & taste disturbances.


Warfarin: Increased sensitivity to warfarin in hyper thyroid state. Dose adjustment required when patient rendered euthyroid.


Box of 100 Tablets

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